Cannabis – Talks and Discussions

Hey everyone, I am back with an another update on this blog. But today I won’t be talking about any random product but will be in general discussing about cannabis. And to be totally transparent, I am a weekly toker.

Now there are a lot of cannabis products available on the market¬†but I personally go with certain bongs, vaporizers and Pipes. I love smoking from a steamroller pipe particularly. It’s a cheap pipe and can be found on any online headshop.

Now I want to tell you that I recently tried an Illadelph coil bong and I must say that it’s a total fun to smoke from that bad boy.

So, the only motive of this post was to discuss about cannabis in general because I love tokers. So, go and shout your experiences, favorite bong or anything you like about cannabis in general. Let’s make this post the best cannabis post on the internet!

Towel Warmers – The New Way to Luxury

Towel Warmer

Are you also a kind of person who love’s to have some kind of luxury in his home so to have a rich feeling and just impress the guests? If yes, then you’ll love the towel warmers. If you’re unfamiliar with towel warmers then it’s a type of electrical appliance which warms your towels so that you can wrap yourself up the moment you step out of a shower especially in cold weather. Okay, so I am a bit of nervous to tell you this but I used to stay in showers for more than 20 minutes just to avoid the cold breeze out their. But honestly, now it’s not like that. Towel warmers give me some toasty warm towels to wrap myself up.

For your information, towel warmers are also called heated towel rails and drying racks but I love to call them towel warmers only. You can call them whatever you like.

Now, let me you tell you that towel warmers looks absolutely luxury and an eye-catchy appliance in your bathroom. I personally have 2 in my home and now I can’t imagine a life without them. I know most of you must be wondering that “Huh….what a waste thing” or maybe “Can’t imagine a life without them….seriously?”. But for your awareness I must tell you the first time I see this thing… I had the same thoughts. But now it’s all changed. You’ll get to know when you purchase yours.

Now the question arises, well how to choose a good towel warmer? I have no experience….
Well don’t worry I have been using towel warmers for about 3 years now and I know how to choose the best one. Below are some tips which I personally consider before purchasing a towel warmer:

1.Price : It’s not like that “high price = good product”. I always go with the trusted brand and not the price. Trust me most good brands have towel warmers starting from only $100.

2.Warranty : Go with the one with at least a warranty of 1 year. This means that the manufacturer has trust in his/her product.

3.Size : Look for a size which is perfect for your bathroom. Poor size can literally ruin the look of your bathroom.

4.Place of Use :¬†Towel warmers can basically be used both inside or outside, in a gym or at spa. But the best one’s are for indoor use only. They can be easily installed in your bathroom and looks absolutely stunning.

5. Wall mounted or Freestanding : Last but not the least, choose the one which you found to be more suitable for your home. Basically there are 2 types of towel warmers – Wall mounted: that are mounted on wall and freestanding: that are portable and can be placed anywhere in the home. However, I like to use wall mounted because they look luxurious and are perfect for bathrooms. Okay to be very honest I have never used a freestanding towel warmer :p So wall mounted is the best ! :p

I hope you found this article useful. If you have any doubts then please feel free to leave a comment below.

The Fabulous Furoshiki Shoes – In love with these…..

What’s not to love about the Furoshiki…?

Getting a shoes which makes you feel more than comfortable and special is just mesmerizing. Finally, I got myself a pair of furoshiki shoes from the Vibram. I see a lot of people getting confused with the size. However, I was lucky enough to get a best fit for my foot. It feels like you’re just walking barefoot. My ingrown toenail doesn’t hurt anymore and I am very happy with my purchase. Thought they cost me around $100, I won’t mind that.

Mine are of black color and they’re totally bomb. Seriously, running before was never so much fun. They’re cool, stylish and a super lightweight shoes.

I’ve got a lot of shoes in the past…. but this one is particularly special. You won’t ever feel like getting some other shoes.

Furoshiki Shoes

The Canon MG7720 Printer – Seriously awesome

We all know Canon and to be totally transparent, I love using Canon products because they offer an extra superior quality and support. So, few days back when I was looking for a budget printer, the one that caught my eye was the Canon MG7720 printer. It is a wireless printer for just $109.

I decided to quickly order one and hell yeah….it arrived on time. I got it from Amazon, simply because I can’t trust any other e-commerce sites. The installation was pretty quick and simple. It has a nice LCD touchscreen and is loaded with lots of features. It was beyond my expectation. Previously I had a HP printer which stopped working after 2 years, hope this one turns out to be good for me.

I can know even print some CD labels for my playstation discs, again thanks to this great printer. Wrapping up, I love this printer.

Canon MG7720 Wireless Printer