The Fabulous Furoshiki Shoes – In love with these…..

What’s not to love about the Furoshiki…?

Getting a shoes which makes you feel more than comfortable and special is just mesmerizing. Finally, I got myself a pair of furoshiki shoes from the Vibram. I see a lot of people getting confused with the size. However, I was lucky enough to get a best fit for my foot. It feels like you’re just walking barefoot. My ingrown toenail doesn’t hurt anymore and I am very happy with my purchase. Thought they cost me around $100, I won’t mind that.

Mine are of black color and they’re totally bomb. Seriously, running before was never so much fun. They’re cool, stylish and a super lightweight shoes.

I’ve got a lot of shoes in the past…. but this one is particularly special. You won’t ever feel like getting some other shoes.

Furoshiki Shoes

The Canon MG7720 Printer – Seriously awesome

We all know Canon and to be totally transparent, I love using Canon products because they offer an extra superior quality and support. So, few days back when I was looking for a budget printer, the one that caught my eye was the Canon MG7720 printer. It is a wireless printer for just $109.

I decided to quickly order one and hell yeah….it arrived on time. I got it from Amazon, simply because I can’t trust any other e-commerce sites. The installation was pretty quick and simple. It has a nice LCD touchscreen and is loaded with lots of features. It was beyond my expectation. Previously I had a HP printer which stopped working after 2 years, hope this one turns out to be good for me.

I can know even print some CD labels for my playstation discs, again thanks to this great printer. Wrapping up, I love this printer.

Canon MG7720 Wireless Printer